Kevin Desjardins
Managing Partner

Kevin has over 25 years healthcare Recruitment Industry, Kevin has been recognized as one of the top recruiters in Canada, specializing in placing some of the best people in the Pharmaceutical, Medical, Biotech and Diagnostic sectors.

Phone: 905-616-8771
LinkedIn: Kevin Desjardins


David Maher
Healthcare Professional Recruitment/Medical Sales/Marketing Consultant

David brings a wealth of diversity as an experienced Healthcare practitioner and manager in the healthcare industry. He has a unique perspective on identifying, attracting and retaining top talent to meet his client’s needs.

His 20 years’ experience in medical/surgical hospital equipment sales and healthcare clinic management will help you in acquiring top talent for medical/surgical hospital (sales/marketing/management) and healthcare professionals(physicians, nurses, pharmacists, other HCP) roles

Phone: 613-863-5222
LinkedIn: David Maher